ZENBRE Z4 Bluetooth Speaker Review

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A very good Bluetooth speaker is usually quite expensive. Most of the prices start from $100 — $120. You will receive a high-quality speaker with many cool features and it will also sound very good. But is there a reason to buy such a good and expensive speaker for your small kids? I think NO, they will just destroy it and the money will be thrown away. That’s why I have reviewed ZENBRE Z4 True Wireless Bluetooth speaker. Read this article to find out about its features and advantages. Believe me, it may find its place in your house.

Appearance and Physical Features

The reason you may want to pick this is that it looks like JBL Flip 4. The design is very similar and I like how it looks. It comes in two different colors: black and white. The price for both is equal.

ZENBRE Z4 Bluetooth Speaker

It has IPX4 waterproof rating meaning you can use it for example under the direct rain. It doesn’t have full water resistance and if you drop it into the water and it will be there for a long time it will most likely die. But it can resist splashes, which is good in my opinion. A lot of more expensive speakers also have splash resistance only…

I have seen several videos where people splashed at it from the bottle and it worked after this. So the protection really works.

As for the drop resistance, the official website doesn’t give any information on that. The device does have some sort of silicon rubber at the bottom and at the top. But these pieces are very hard and I can’t tell if they will resist the fall. If they were softer, this would be better.

The control buttons are large and easy to use: there are power, pause/play, volume up and down. Up and Down volume buttons are used for skipping songs and for returning back if you tab them twice.

Holding pause and play allows to pair two of these speakers and make them play in stereo separation mode! That’s pretty nice.

Unfortunately, this thing doesn’t have NFC.

It also has micro-USB 2.0 for charging and 3.5 mm port.

Technical Features

Battery and Charging. The official website tells that it will take about 3 to 4 hours to charge a 1800mAh battery of ZENBRE Z4 fully. The documentation also tells about 20 hours of battery life. The test shows that the device can work more than 21 hours with 50% volume. That’s a very good result for the money. As you probably know a lot of more expensive models have less working time. The device can work while it’s charging. The battery is “built-in” and can’t be easily replaced.

Phone calls. One of the added features is phone calls but to be honest it’s terrible. The microphone isn’t sensitive at all. It works not so good if you are about 3 feet close to the device. But if you go further away the mic starts working terribly. So the phone call feature works badly and you’d better not to use it.

The device has Bluetooth 4.1 and the documentation claims to have 33 linear feet distance. But the real tests show a much better result. With the iPhone 10, it shows more than 70 linear feet distance.

Sound Quality. The sound is flat. There is almost no bass. The sound isn’t deep and resonating. But at least it’s not raspy and basically, it has average to good quality. For the price, the sound is good in general. The speaker isn’t loud and will most likely fit a small room. Even 50% volume is not enough sometimes.

As for me, I would put ZENBRE Z4 in my garage, bathroom or bedroom. If you are looking for something for a big or medium-sized room then you should buy other speakers. It will not fill a large room.


The price is low compared to the top speakers. It will cost you only $40. In my opinion, this speaker is the best for the money. You will hardly be able to find something better. The sound is quite acceptable; it’s waterproof and has a very good Bluetooth connection. This is a perfect solution for small kids or for your garage or car. If your kids will destroy it you will not be upset. It’s a very good thing if you want to introduce your small kids to the world of wireless speakers. This can also be your “backup” device you can always give to a friend.

On Amazon, this device has 4 stars rating with 59% 5-star reviews. People find this thing quite useful and good.

Once again: don’t expect too much. This is a $40 Bluetooth speaker and you will get what you pay for. It will not disappoint you if you don’t expect it to be as quality and perfect as $150 devices. Just be realistic.


Q: Does the speaker works with Alexa support?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: Is it a single item or 2 speakers are in the package?

A: Are you serious?  Do you want to get 2 speakers for just $40? That’s a joke.  

Q: Can I use it with Echo Dot?

A: Yes, it can be used with Echo Dot.

Q: How to use the pairing mode?

A: First of all press the button until it goes green and beeps. After this activate Bluetooth mode on the other device. Done.

Q: Can I connect more than 2 of them simultaneously?

A: No, it’s impossible. You can pair only 2.

Q: Is it possible to open it to look inside or to see the speakers directly?

A: No, it’s sealed. You will have to break it to look inside.