Sony WH1000XM2 vs Sony WH-H900N h.ear on 2: Review and Comparison

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Hey everyone! Today I want to review and compare two heavy hitting headphones. Welcome: Sony WH1000XM2 vs Sony WH-H900N h.ear on 2. Both are made by the same company, both are premium, but have a different price tag. If you are going to buy one of them you are probably trying to find all the differences. Is there a reason to overpay? What model is better and why? Let’s try to find out.

Sony WH1000XM2 vs Sony WH-H900N h.ear on 2

Build Quality

Both models have excellent build quality. You can bend and twist them as you wish and you will not hear any strange plastic noise. I like the quality and I am not surprised. Sony knows how to make things.

The only word of caution I would throw out there: the MDR 1000 (basically the first generation to WH1000XM2) did have an issue at the pivot. Some models may have slight noise there. This pivot point is also the weak point and the headphones may break there if you bend them too aggressively. So keep this in mind because WH1000XM2 is the second generation and has the same build. Maybe developers made some improvement, but anyway…

As for the Sony WH-H900N, the build quality is great and they are like a tank. It’s almost impossible to break them in normal circumstances.


Out of these two, I do prefer the WH1000 because they're lighter. They're more comfortable, they look better; they're heavy and have a much thinner headband up on the top. But both models do look good though.

I do personally prefer the 1000. One of the big factors here: they are very much comfortable after long-term wear. That’s a very good choice if you have a long flight or if you plan on wearing this at the office for several hours straight. I don't have any kind of that sharp pain at the crown of the head. And the clamping force is very much gentle.

With the Sony Hear On 2 you do feel a little bit of pressure after just an hour of wearing and you do have some wearing fatigue. Also with the ear pads, these didn't cause my ears to sweat which is a great thing. But they heat up my ears more than the WH 1000X.

WH 1000 has a little bit more room inside the ear cups. If your ears are big enough you will feel comfortable. With the Hear On 2 it's not bad and especially compared to other headphones on the market. They're not bad at all, but they have less space for your ears.

There is one thing I need to mention: both models can be collapsed and are comfortable for traveling. But Sony Hear On 2 come with a soft bag, while WH1000XM2 comes with a special hard case. The hard case provides a much better protection while the bag doesn’t protect the headphones at all. So if you are a traveler the hard case is what you may need.

Touch Controls

Both of these headphones offer very responsive and intuitive touch controls on the right ear cup. All you need is to gently swipe forward, back, up and down. You can adjust volume, can skip and go back in songs.

What you also have on both models is ambient aware: you can take your right hand, come put over your ear and basically the microphones and the headphones turn on and your environmental noises get pumped in. This is perfect if you're working at the office and you want to isolate yourself amongst everybody but still want sometimes to hear what’s going around. This is a feature on both headphones and it’s extremely useful because sometimes you may need to turn off noise canceling fast.

There are also physical buttons as well on the left ear cup and they both practically identical. You can turn on and cycle through ambient aware, you can turn off active noise-canceling, you can have passive noise isolation instead and turn off all the extra features and still get your audio.

There is NFC or Near Field Communication on both of these. Just tap your phone on the right cup and they'll basically pair it with your Bluetooth device.

There's also a USB 2.0 port for charging both headphones and both do offer fast charging. Ten minutes of fast charging gives 70 minutes time on the WH1000XM2 and 65 minutes back on Sony Hear On 2. Pretty much equivalent.

But there is a difference in overall battery life: WH 1000 gives you up to 30 hours of use. (With ANC on I got 28 hours). As for the H.ear On 2 they're claiming 28 hours. (I got 22 hours with the same settings). A pretty serious difference. But anyway both provide 20 hours plus. It is enough for the most of you guys

Both models do feature a three-and-a-half millimeter plug for those physical connections.

Both include Bluetooth 4 (unfortunately they don't have Bluetooth 5.0 just yet for some odd reason). But one of the biggest benefits is that both do feature L-Tech which is a very high audio codec for Bluetooth transmission. It’s higher than APDEX, higher than APDEX HD, of course, higher than SBC. With this codec, you're going to get the best audio wireless transmission with the less degradation to the audio signal.

Noise canceling

As I have said, both models offer very good noise canceling system, one of the best on the market. But there is a slight difference between these two. When I made the tests, Sony Hear On 2 did the job a little bit worse. It allowed more surrounding noise to come inside. In my opinion, 1000X is the winner here. You don’t hear any noise from the outside.

The second important thing and it's probably the reason why Hear On 2 does underperform. For some reason, it has more sound leaking. If you are sitting in a quiet place and listening to the music with 70% volume, the person next to you will hear the music. The WH1000X doesn’t have such issue.

Sound Test

Both headphones sound great. The sound is clear without any ringing and similar stuff. The biggest difference is that the WH1000X provide a little bit deeper and much more resonating bass. Hear On 2 does provide very good bass, but it’s more neutral. If you are listening to the RnB or if you like deep bass WH1000X is what you need.


The price difference is about $60. If you don’t want to pay a lot but want to get good headphones with good sound then Sony WH-H900N h.ear on 2 is what you need.

But if you want to have a better sound, deeper bass, hard case and more luxurious model then WH1000XM2 is what you need. They are more expensive and provide better features.