Sony MDR-1000X vs MDR-100ABN: Review and Comparison


Hey guys! In this article, I am going to compare Sony MDR-1000X and MDR-100ABN to determine the differences between these two models and to find out which model is better and why. So let’s get started.

I like cool sound and in my opinion, Sony headphones are one of the best. I don’t know why but the company decided to release two new models so fast one after another. The first model was MDR-100ABN and the 1000X was released in 6 months or so. Anyway, they are both cool.


The first thing you will notice if you place both boxes one next to each other is, of course, the size. The 1000X box is larger than 100ABN. But the real size of the headphones is almost the same. ABN model is just a little bit larger than X. So both are easy to take outside. What I like about the size of the X is that they have thinner ear cups. So you will not look like you are wearing something bulky on your head.

Sound Quality

MDR1000X are more balanced. They don’t have too much bass while 100ABN are better for hip-hop lovers because they have more bass. So if you are listening to RnB or Hip-hop you may prefer the ABN. But I don’t recommend to buy them just because of this. Read the comparison till the end.

Many people prefer the sound of 100ABN. I have seen a lot of reviews telling that this model has much better sound. Anyway sound quality characteristic is too subjective. Some people like more bass while others do not. Some reviewers even tell that they don’t see any difference in how both models sound. So in my opinion, you should visit an offline store and try to listen yourself.

Build Quality

What I didn’t like about the ABN is that the build quality is not so great. You may hear light plastic squeaks when you move your head. I don’t know why Sony didn’t notice this but this is not good at all.

The 1000X has much better build quality. All the parts of the headphones move without serious noise. And what is much more important you will not hear any plastic squeak while wearing. You may move your head, even shake it, but the headphones will not squeak too much. I don’t say that they don’t squeak at all but in my opinion, they produce less noise. That’s what I really like.


As you can see from the description, both models are wireless. Both have a great connection and you will hardly have problems with the Bluetooth. Some reviewers on the internet complain that MDR-100ABN may sometimes disconnect but I didn’t notice this problem. Maybe because I don’t use them too much.

Noise Cancelling

The next important thing I want to mention is of course noise canceling. Many of the customers to buy wireless headphones to listen to music on a subway or in another noisy place. So the Noise Cancelling feature may be the 1st in the checklist for many people.

As for me, the absolute leader here is 1000X. They are able to cut noise and other external sounds much better. In my opinion, if noise cutting feature is crucial for you this model is what you need. You will be able to enjoy your music even if the surrounding sounds are loud.

The 100ABN can’t lower the noise as well as 1000X does. They are less effective. But I don’t say that they are useless. You may still enjoy how they cut noise but if the noise is not so loud. So they are made for more “friendlier” space. So if you use them in libraries and coffee shops and don’t use them in subways everything will be fine.

I am not going to compare the price because both models are pretty old. You can still purchase them on e-Bay but the prices there are subject to change. That's why I don't see any reason to compare prices.

Thanks for reading my review. This is my very first product review. Hope it will help you to make a decision and buy what you really like.