Sony LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker Review

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Want to buy something special for yourself? Or maybe you want to find a special present for a close friend?  Then Sony LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker is probably what you are looking for! In this review, I will explain why this product is so cool.


The first thing you will notice when you receive the product is, of course, the package and the appearance. Everything is made with attention to details. When you hold the package you feel that this is a premium product and when you open it this feeling becomes even stronger.

Sony LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker

This speaker is not just for listening to music. It will become an important part of your room’s design. It’s a mixture of the old-style electric lamp and high-end wireless Bluetooth speaker. Maybe this mix of old fashion look and high-end technologies make Sony LSPX-S1 so amazing. Some people may even say that it’s a piece of art! And to be honest I would agree.

Of course, this thing is not cheap. It costs about $750 - $800, but you receive something you will not find anywhere else.

The top part is a LED lamp. It’s made of glass and you’d better not to drop it. The lamp glows when the music plays and it can even pulsate a little. The glass tube tweeter resonates clear high frequencies.

The lamp is not bright and it’s not enough to light the whole room. But it’s not its goal. If you need a lamp – you should buy a lamp. The glowing of Sony LSPX-S1 is soft and pleasant. It’s more romantic.

The speaker itself is located below the lamp into an aluminum core. As you can see the design of the core is also cool. The cone shape below the speaker helps to spread the sound and makes overall look greater.

The bottom part is covered with leather. Overall, the product looks premium. It will be an amazing present for someone or for you.

Controls and Features

The controls are located at the bottom of the LSPX-S1 so you will have to take it up and flip in order to change controls manually. Fortunately, you don’t need this if you install a special application which allows to change volume, lamp brightness and manage songs wirelessly.

The core part is equipped with power input, 3.5 mm port, and power and pairing button.

Though the speaker is wireless you can’t power it on wirelessly. You will have to do it manually.  But you can power it off with the Sony application if the smartphone is connected to it via Bluetooth. The battery can last about 5 or 6 hours depending on how loud your music is and how bright the lamp glows.

If you have 2 similar speakers you can pair them and they will sound together. This will cost a lot but the sound you will get will be amazing.

Sound Quality

The overall sound quality is very good. Of course, you shouldn’t expect it to be very loud. The speaker itself is small and it has technical limits. It’s a good device for a small or medium room. But it’s not for big parties!

Many of the reviewers say that the sound of Sony LSPX-S1 is amazing and much better than other wireless portable speakers have. The glass tweeter makes the sound clear and detailed. The sound fills the room and you will really enjoy it. Best genres: acoustic, classical and great vocal styles of music.

The bass is quite flat just because the subwoofer is small. It can’t give enough bass. So if you are listening to Hip-hop or RnB you will be disappointed. But to be honest, this thing is not for Hip-hop. Just look at it! Only classical or instrumental music!

In my opinion, the sound is really good but it doesn’t worth the money. If you want to buy this thing just because you think you will get an amazing sound you will be disappointed. The sound is good, but there are many cheaper options that can sound better.   


Be realistic: Sony LSPX-S1 has a really good speaker. It has good sound but it can’t beat more advanced wireless models. What’s more important is that it has aesthetics look and there is no other similar thing on the market. All your guests will be amazed with how cool it looks. It will make your room cooler. If you are looking not just for another thing to play your music but for something special – this thing is for you.