Razer Mamba vs Tournament Edition vs Mamba Elite

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Hello, my fellow gamers. In this article, I am going to compare Razer Mamba vs Tournament Edition vs Mamba Elite. These three models are different modifications of the same mouse and you are probably thinking to buy one of them but don’t know which one to select. This comparison will help you to make your purchase decision. I tried to get as much information about each model as possible to make this decision easier.

Appearance and Shape

Let’s start with how the mice look. The appearance of all the models is pretty much the same. They have a similar shape and you will not find too many differences between them.

Razer Mamba vs Tournament Edition vs Mamba Elite Shape

The main difference is lightning. Regular Wireless Mamba has lightning stripes only while other modifications have stripes and logo lights. The regular version doesn’t have a glowing logo because there is a battery inside and there is no free space for the lights. Though this is a minor difference this may be a deal breaker for many players. I have read several posts where people choose Tournament Edition just because it has a glowing Razer logo. If you also want the logo lights you will have to select between TE and Elite.

The shape of all three models is identical so if you like it you will be satisfied with all three models. But if you have never tried the shape I recommend visiting the nearest store and try it with your hands. Maybe you will not like the shape at all. In this case, try Razer DeathAdder Elite. Maybe you will like its shape more. By the way, there is a good comparison between Razer DeathAdder Elite and Mamba on this website.


Regular Mamba has a wireless connection. It has a Lithium Polymer battery inside which allows the mouse to work without a cord. This is an advantage and disadvantage at the same time.

Wireless technology is great and comfortable. The cord doesn’t limit your movements. But at the same time, you need to recharge the battery when it’s low on power. If you forget to charge it you will not be able to use the mouse wirelessly or it will turn off right in the middle of your match which is terrible.

The other negative thing is that all wireless mice have a limited number of power cycles. You need to switch the mouse off every time after all gaming sessions to increase the life of your battery. This will also make the charging process more optimal. Razer has special guidelines on how to treat the battery to make it live longer. Here is a link: support.razer.com/gaming-mice-and-mats/razer-mamba/

As you see dealing with a wireless model adds more difficulties. Razer TE and Mamba Elite are wired and don’t have such problems. But they have a cord which may stop some people from making a purchase.

Buy the way, regular Mamba also has a 7 feet braided fiber USB charging cable and you also can connect it to your PC if you wish. This is a good way to use the mouse if you forgot to charge it.

Technical Specifications

There is one thing that makes Razer Mamba so special and unique: it has Hyperesponse buttons with an Adjustable click force mechanism. Let me tell you some words about it. This mechanism allows a user to adjust the pressure required for making a click. You may make the click softer and easier or you may tweak it to a harder option.

This customization can be done with both mouse buttons, separately for each. You can make the right button softer while left button harder. The adjustment mechanism is located at the bottom side of the mouse.

You will need standard two(2) mm Hex Bit to adjust the click force. It can be found in the most hardware stores. Manufacturer recommends not to use a screwdriver for this, only the bit itself. The screwdriver has high torque which can damage the adjustment mechanism.

As for the Razer Tournament Edition and Mamba Elite, they both have specially made Omron Switches. These switches are amazing and can handle 50 million clicks! The negative side is that you can’t adjust them at all.

By the way, I couldn’t find any information about how many clicks the adjustable switches can handle. It looks like that the numbers are average; otherwise, Razer would definitely tell customers about this. I think that they lose to Omron Switches in terms of lifecycle while win in terms of customization.

A lot of gamers are looking forward to seeing this new technology in Tournament Edition, but it will unlikely be added to this model just to keep the uniqueness of Wireless model.

The other difference is the sensor: a regular Wireless model and Tournament edition both have 5G Laser Sensor while Razer Mamba Elite has 5G Optical Sensor. For some customers this difference may be very important.

Laser mice have a higher DPI while Optical are not so sensitive. But this should not worry you too much because modern models are all very sensitive and you will not see any difference. What really matters is the surface: optical mouse works well on mouse pads or non-glossy surfaces only while laser mouse works on any surface. But for the vast majority of gamers this information isn’t important at all because all modern gamers use mouse pads.

The list of the differences is over. All other characteristics and features of all 3 models are the same. They all use Razer Synapse software, you can benefit from 16.8 million colors lightning, and you can adjust the acceleration and sensitivity. All the models have 9 programmable buttons.

The Winner

Now let’s try to find a winner. As always, when comparing TOP products, there is no clear winner. Everything depends on your budget and on your goals.

  • If you are looking for a very good wireless mouse then Mamba is what you need. It is great and it has a very cool feature: adjustable buttons. Unfortunately, it has not glowing logo. This model is also the most expensive among all three.
  • Mamba Tournament Edition is not wireless and it doesn’t have adjustable buttons. But it has cool Omron Switches with 50 million clicks source. This model is cheaper. It will cost you about $40 less. So if your budget is limited it is a very good choice. This mouse has glowing logo and stripes.
  • Mamba Elite is very similar to the Tournament Edition but it has Optical Sensor and Hybrid On-Board Memory and Cloud Storage to access your personalized mouse settings from any PC. It is $10 cheaper than Mamba and has Mechanical Omron switches.

How to select which one to buy? Just answer these two questions: do you really need the wireless mouse and do you need these adjustable buttons? As for me I prefer wired models and I am absolutely satisfied with the click of Omron Switches. I wouldn’t buy Mamba Chroma just because this. But you may have another opinion. If you are not satisfied with the click and you want to tweak it than go with a regular Mamba.

If you don’t need wireless feature, your next step is to decide between Tournament Edition and Mamba Elite. They are both wired and they are pretty much the same in general. But the latter costs $30 more. Is there a reason to overpay? I believe no, I would buy TE just because it’s cheaper and has everything an average gamer like me needs.