Razer DeathAdder Elite vs Razer Mamba Tournament Edition

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Hello, my fellow gamers! This is a review and comparison between Razer DeathAdder Elite and Razer Mamba Tournament Edition. I am not going to compare Wireless model or Hyper Flux here. They have their unique features and they deserve a separate review. Only these two guys!

Both mice are well known in the community and if you just look at them you will not see a lot of differences. Mamba TE just has more lightning… But let's see how different they are in terms of specifications and performance.


Both models look very similar. Both have aright-handed design. The left rubber grip on the Mamba is slightly larger giving you more of an area to grip the mouse with. DA has a smaller rubber area but it’s absolutely enough for comfortable usage.

DA is better for palm grip while Mamba is good for Palm, Claw and Fingertip grips.

The Mamba has the lighting strips on the sides which are the most noticeable difference. It’s very simple to identify this model with these strips because they are very noticeable.

The other difference is the mouse wheel: Razer Mamba allows a player to tilt the wheel left and right. This allows you to have 2 extra buttons which is amazing! You can remap these buttons to make them do what you want. It’s very useful, believe me. Having extra buttons is always great.

Other than that there are no serious differences between these two models. The shape is almost the same; the overall look is also the same. If you find DeathAdder comfortable you will most likely find Mamba comfortable too.

Tech Specifications

In terms of specifications, the Mamba TE has a 16,000 DPI 5G laser sensor while the DeathAdder has a 16,000 dpi 5G optical sensor. From the short time that I've used them, I can't really find difference while gaming. What I can say and it may be a deal breaker for some (I've even seen people experience those issues in live streams) the DeathAdder's optical sensor seems to be way better.

Pay attention: not all Razer Mamba models have laser sensors. For example, the Elite and Hyperflux models have Optical sensors.

Both models have special Razer Omron Mechanical Mouse switches. They are made by Omron and they can’t be adjusted. But they have 50 million clicks source each! That’s a very big amount! It’s almost 2 times larger than most of the gaming mice offers.

Both have the Chroma 16.8 million color options but the DA does not have the Wave lighting mode.  Both have braided cables, both have dpi buttons at the top.

Mamba Lightning


Amazon offers 4 different editions of the DA model:

  • Basic Edition (a standard mouse, colored with standard razer colors)
  • Overwatch Edition (Overwatch colors and logo, different scrolling wheel texture, colored cord)
  • Destiny 2 Edition (Standard wheel texture, Destiny 2 logo, and colors, colored cord)
  • STK T1 Edition (Standard wheel texture, red-colored, with a logo)

All the models are wired. There are no wireless options. As you see the editions have mostly cosmetic differences. Just different colors but there are no serious differences except the wheel texture.

As for the Mamba, Amazon doesn’t offer any other editions, except the standard one. But you can buy different models:

  • Wireless Edition (5G Laser sensor, Adjustable Click Force Technology)
  • Tournament Edition (Wired) (5G Laser sensor)
  • Mamba Elite (5G Optical sensor)
  • Hyperflux Edition (5G Optical sensor, Razer HyperFlux Wireless Power Technology, Dual Hard and Cloth Mat Surface)

There are more options for the Mamba. You can select from both wireless and wired models. The first two have Laser Sensors while the second two have Optical sensors. You can also go with the Hyperflux Edition which offers special mouse pad and no-battery technology.

Of course, the price for different models is also different. The most advanced is the Hyperflux Edition which is the most expansive one. But you may not like it because it is so lightweight.

The Winner

Death adder Elite costs about $50 while Mamba Tournament Edition costs about $80. The difference is $30 which isn’t too low. The most serious differences between these two are that the further has an Optical sensor, 7 buttons and the latter has a Laser sensor and 9 buttons. The shape is also slightly different and this may be a deal breaker.

I recommend you to visit the nearest store and try both models. It’s much better to see both mice and try them rather than reading about them.

As for me, I am using DA and I am absolutely satisfied with how it works. I don’t like a lot of lightning. I only enable scroll wheel lights. I also like its shape. As for me, the shape of this model is the best and I have never seen a better one. That’s why I recommend visiting a store. You must touch the mouse with your hands and see if it is for you.

Will I buy Mamba if my DA dies? Most likely I will not. I don’t need extra 2 buttons, more lightning and I don’t want to overpay $30. I will buy another Elite mouse because I am absolutely satisfied with it.