Razer Deathadder Elite vs Logitech G403: Comparison and Review

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Hey guys! This is my Razer Deathadder Elite vs Logitech G403 comparison and review. I will try to compare these models and determine weaknesses and strengths of each one. Hope this article will help you to make your final choice.


The first thing any gamer should pay attention to when choosing a mouse is of course a shape. If you don’t like how the device sits in your hand you shouldn’t purchase it even if it has top characteristics.

Both models are for right-hand. So if you use your left hand you may close this review right now.

The shape of Deathadder has more than 10 years of constant evolution. In my opinion, it’s one of the greatest shapes on the market right now. I absolutely love it. It is more aggressive than Logitech. But some people may like how Logitech sits in hand. The image below displays the differences in shape:

Razer Deathadder Elite vs Logitech G403

Deathadder Elite is a little bit larger. So if you have a relatively small hand you may feel better with Logitech.


G403 has a weight of 87 grams, but there is a special tiny load which allows increasing the weight by 10 grams up to 97 grams. You can insert or remove this load any time. Some people may like a lighter option, while others may prefer a heavier one. But I think that such weight customization isn’t really necessary.

Logitech G403 Additional Weight Feature

Deathadder Elite has a constant weight of 98 grams and it can’t be increased. As for me, it has a perfect weight and I absolutely love it.

So both models have the same weight, but Logitech G403 can be lighter without a load. You may like this feature if you feel that 98 grams is too much for you.

Materials and Construction

Materials of both models feel ”expensive” and comfortable. Both mice have rubber bands on both sides but G403 has much more rubber. It provides a better grip and some people may find this useful.

Sometimes, people report that buttons of DA have a slight backlash. I also have this problem. It's not noticeable and I didn’t pay attention to it until saw a complaint on the internet. Logitech buttons don’t have a backlash at all. But remember, that this characteristic may vary from model to model. So be careful while choosing.

The cord of Elite is light, thin and is easy to bend. It's one of the best right now. Unfortunately, G403 has much worse cord: it’s thicker, heavier and more difficult to bend. As for me, it’s an important thing. I personally don’t like thick cords because they require more attention. You have to bend them manually sometimes and sometimes they limit player’s freedom.

What’s inside?

The Elite has special Omron switches inside which are reported to serve 50 million clicks each. It's an enormous amount. Logitech G403 also has Omron switches, but with a much smaller resource: only 20 million clicks.

In other words, manufacturers say that Razer may work twice longer than Logitech. But of course it’s only on the paper. As for me, this characteristic is very important. Razer has a great advantage here.

Both models have great sensors. If you are not a professional gamer you will not be able to see any difference. So you may consider both models to have equal sensors and there is no leader here.

Not so long ago I saw a comparison video of these two mice on YouTube, and this video was fully a gameplay video. A guy was just streaming his gameplay, first with DA and then with G403, one after another. In my opinion, such reviews are really useless. You will not be able to see a real difference in gameplay because both models are made for pro gamers. The performance difference between them may be unnoticeable for a human eye.

Who is the Winner?

In general Razer Deathadder Elite and Logitech G403 have similar characteristics, but I prefer DA because of its shape, higher click resource and lighter cord. I am a fan of Razer mice. But you may have another opinion.

If you are thinking to buy one of these 2 mice you should go to offline store and try to hold both models in your hand. This is the number 1 criteria. Choose the model according to how you feel it in your hand. But don’t forget about other information you already know about these products.