Razer Deathadder Elite vs Chroma: Review and Comparison

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Many people complain that Razer products are overpriced and don’t cost the money but I am a fan of the mice they sell. I owned Death Adder 2013, then I purchased Chroma and now I own the Elite version. In this article, I will try to compare last two models and tell you which one I love more.

Design / Appearance

The first thing every customer pays attention to is, of course, the appearance of the product. Both models look almost the same. If you look at them you will not see much difference. Shape, cable, lightning are the same. Both weight 96 grams which is great in my personal opinion. I don’t like too light mice and 100 grams is just what I need. Both are made of the same material and have rubber panel on left and right sides for better grip. Now let’s go to the differences:

The scroll wheel of the Elite model has a new texture. It’s more spiky. In my opinion, it’s not a big difference but anyway I prefer line texture of Chroma. Some users say that they like this new texture because it gives more control. But I personally like the old one. If you doubt and are not sure about what to prefer, go to the offline store and try the wheel yourself.

Deathadder Elite Scroll Wheel

The next thing you will see while reviewing the appearance is, of course, new buttons which you can find near the scroll wheel. By default, these buttons are programmed to change the DPI. All other gaming mice with such buttons also use them to change the DPI, so it’s a standard. If you wish you can reprogram the buttons in Synapse and they will do what you want them to do. So the total number of buttons is 7 and they all can be programmed independently.

Now let’s get to the bottom. Many people don’t look at the bottom side but the Teflon pads are an important part of any mouse. The Chroma model has 3 pads in total: 2 small at the front and a larger one at the back. The Elite has also 3 pads but they are located differently: a wide at the front, one around the sensor and one at the back. It’s very difficult to feel the difference but in my opinion, Elite moves smoother. Some other reviewers also find new pads better.

Can you play without installing Synapse?

By the way, some players ask if they can play without installing Synapse. The general answer is yes for both models, but there is no reason to buy Razer mice if you don’t install Synapse. Synapse is what makes playing experience much better. I recommend installing this software because it allows to customize many things: sensitivity, speed, colors and so on and get what you pay for. Try the software and you will be 100% satisfied.

What about Mac OS support?

Both models officially support Mac OS X 10.9 — 10.13. But this is only for Synapse 2 legacy version! The Synapse 3 Beta is for Windows only right now. But you will be able to use both mice with Synapse 2 on Mac computers without troubles.

You can find Synapse 2 legacy on the official website in the software section. Here is a link: www.razerzone.com/synapse-2

What’s inside?

As you can see, both models look almost similar but the main difference is inside. A new model has several sweet upgrades everybody will definitely like.

The Elite has more advanced Omron switches which are reported to serve 50 million clicks each. Omron is a famous switch manufacturer for top gaming mice and this upgrade is very cool. Switches are very important and the more clicks they can handle – the better. Old switches are not so cool and some users experienced problems with double click after a year or so. I also had such problem with my DA 2013 so the Omron upgrade is definitely what I like the most. The new model will be able to work for longer time (in theory).

New switches are also reported to have less latency which is great. The sound of the click and the tactile feedback is also different. Chroma has less noticeable click sound and gives less tactile feedback.

Mouse buttons in Deathadder Elite are located 2 millimeters higher than in Chroma and now there is more space between the button and the core part. That’s most likely because of new switches. Though the difference is serious you will hardly notice this while using.


Now let’s get to the second important part: the sensor. Deathadder Chroma has 10 000 DPI Optical sensor while the Elite has 16 000 DPI Optical sensor. I am not going to go deep in theory. Just understand: the more DPI the sensor has the more sensitive it is. So the new model has better sensitivity.

The new sensor has also higher IPS (up to 450) – Inches per Second. This is a measurement of how far you can move the mouse per one second. The acceleration is equal to 50G which is incredible.

Should you buy Elite to replace Chroma?

If you don’t have a gaming mouse then I would recommend buying Deathadder Elite because of the more advanced construction. I personally like that it can handle more clicks and that it has a new sensor. For me, the amount of clicks is important because my old DA 2013 stopped working because of click issues in a year. Right now I pay attention to this characteristic. So if you don’t have a gaming mouse and are looking for a new one I would definitely advise you to go with the Elite.

Moreover: it has almost the same price and to be honest I don’t see any reason to buy old Chroma right now. The Elite model is much more advanced.

If you already have the Chroma, I strongly recommend not to upgrade until it’s broken. The differences in a sensor, DPI and acceleration are great, but most of you guys will hardly benefit from it. The numbers are high but I don’t think you should send your Chroma to the trash just because of these numbers. So if your mouse works well continue using it. Sooner or later it will be broken...

But anyway, if you are really caught with this new model, if you like the new upgrades – go and buy it. You will not be disappointed. It is a great mouse.

Don’t forget that choosing a mouse is a pretty subjective process. I like Razer Deathadder line because of how it feels in my hand. I like the shape and the feeling. But if you have never owned good gaming mouse I would recommend to visit an offline store and try different models there. Maybe you will love another manufacturer. Anyway thanks for reading my review. Feel free to add your comments below.