LG PJ9B ZeroG Levitating Speaker Review

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Hey everyone! This is a review of one of the most impressive wireless speaker on the market: LG PJ9B ZeroG. Why do I call it one of the most impressive? Well, as for me, it looks amazing! LG decided to give their product nice futuristic look: the speaker can fly above the base station and even rotate. It looks amazing! I believe most of you guys will also be impressed with how cool it looks.

LG PJ9B ZeroG Levitating Speaker


As you see the PJ9B ZeroG has only two parts: the speaker and the base station. Let’s start from the base station. The base station is multipurpose.

  • First of all, it makes the sound cooler and deeper with a subwoofer. The subwoofer is located at the bottom part of the station. Though the speaker itself is small, the subwoofer built into the station makes the overall sound very good.
  • The second purpose of the base is to charge a levitating speaker. The charging is wireless so you don’t need to connect the speaker to the base. Just let it stay in its place.
  • A very strong magnet inside the base will elevate the speaker to make everything looks fantastic.

The Speaker

As you see the base station is for charging and for the bass. The speaker is for the main sound. Characteristics:

  • 360-degree audio. The sound goes equally in all the directions.
  • The bottom part and the core are made of hard plastic.
  • The control buttons and indicators are located on the side part. There are the power button, Bluetooth, volume up, volume down, pause and play button and a button which allows pairing the PJ9B with the same device for an even better experience. Yes, you can place two LG PJ9B ZeroG devices in the same room and enjoy the same song.
  • A magnet at the bottom allows to place it on metal surfaces: for example on the side part of the fridge.

ZeroG Speaker


The cool thing about this speaker is that it’s absolutely protected from water. It is IPX7 certified meaning that you can put it into the water for up to 30 minutes and up to 1 meter deep and it will still be working. I saw a video on YouTube where a guy had thrown this speaker into a bucket of water and nothing happened with it.

Don’t forget that the core of the device is made of hard plastic. So in total, the speaker is protected very well. You may be 100% sure that it will be able to survive after it fells on the floor or into the water. This is a very cool feature especially if you are planning to take it to the kitchen or to the bathroom. If you have small children they will not be able to hurt it too much. So it’s a good advantage.

There is one thing you should keep in mind: separate SoloG Bluetooth Speaker (PJ2B) can't replace ZeroG if you accidentally break it. SoloG model can't levitate because it doesn't have a magnet inside. It's a separate product and it can replace the native speaker of ZeroG.

Placement and Levitation

At first, it may be a little bit tricky to place the Speaker correctly. That’s because of the magnets. There is a strong magnet inside the station and another magnet is inside the speaker. These magnets hold it when it levitates. But you need to place it right into the center of the base first.

You will see a circle mark and this is the place for the speaker. As I have said it may be difficult to place the speaker in its place. The magnet may take the speaker to the side. You will probably have to use both hands for correct placement. But in several days everything should be fine. You will understand how to place it and will be able to do it fast with only one hand. So don’t worry. You will need just some practice.

After the speaker is in its place you can switch the device on. And here is when the magic happens. The speaker will start to rise up slowly. And very soon it will reach its top position and will continue levitating into the air. It can levitate and play. It looks charming. And when you need, you may just take the speaker with you.

There is one thing about magnets you should remember: the magnetic field of the device is pretty strong so it may affect other devices.

Battery and Charging

There are two options for charging: wireless and Micro USB 2.0. I wouldn’t use the USB because the wireless charging works pretty fine.

If you just leave it into the air it will be flying until the battery of the speaker is completely dead. Then it will automatically land on the base and the charging will begin. It will automatically rise above the base again after it’s fully charged. You don’t need to do anything.

The manufacturer reports that the battery can live up to 10 hours depending on the volume.  The charging process takes up to 4 hours.


Don’t forget that this is a Bluetooth speaker and you can easily connect it to your smartphone. The version of the Bluetooth is 4.2 and you can take the speaker into another room without losing the connection.

How does it Sound?

Unfortunately, I can’t give you an example of how it sounds because I just have no good recorder. But you can go to YouTube and find several examples there. I just can say that it’s not too loud. The speaker itself is not big and you shouldn’t expect it to be extremely loud.

LG PJ9B ZeroG will be great for a small or medium room. It’s not for parties. It’s just for listening to the music with comfort. The sound is clear in general. But don’t expect it to beat top Bluetooth wireless speakers. Once again: it’s small and you will receive pretty nice sound with extra bass and cool looking design. But it will not beat more professional devices.

What’s missing?

Though the device is great in general, there should be some more necessary things and features:

  • The battery level indicator is not as informative as it might be. There should be something more traditional. There is no application telling that the battery is about to die soon. But the auto charging feature is still very cool.
  • There is no built-in equalizer and you can’t change sound profiles fast. In my opinion, this is not a disadvantage.


In general, LG PJ9B ZeroG sounds good. It has pros and cons but the main feature is, of course, its look. It looks amazing. It’s a great device to place in a living room or in a bedroom for “soft” music listening. But if you are looking for a professional sound for parties you should definitely buy something else.