HyperX Alloy Elite Mechanical Keyboard Review

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HyperX Alloy Elite Mechanical Keyboard is a cool looking device which will make your gameplay experience amazing. The keyboard comes with 2 different options: with RGB lightning and without Red lightning. The first is more expensive and looks more attractive. But if you don’t need RGB lightning, go with the cheaper option.

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Mechanical Keyboard

This keyboard looks very cool! It’s a premium item and it does represent its price. The keys and wrist rest are satin matte black and they look very expensive. Every little thing here is pleasant to touch and everything is made very well. The build quality is awesome. So you don’t waste the money.

Alloy Elite Side

The entire keyboard is plastic except for the solid steel frame up top. It gives the keyboard some weight and makes the overall look much better.

Additional USB port for a USB mouse or for a headset is located at the back side. Alloy Elite does have USB 2.0 pass-through and will work with any USB device that you plug in, as well as charging. (Alloy FPS is without a pass-through)

Color control panel is on the left side while music control panel is on the right. There is a special wheel which allows controlling volume. It works fine and it’s rather comfortable.

A very pleasant thing is that a product comes with 2-year factory warranty effective date of purchase. So you can replace the product within 2 years if something goes wrong.

Keys and Switches

One of the most important things for a real gamer is of course tactile feedback and speed of the keys. This of course depends on the type of switches.

PAY ATTENTION: All Hyper X Alloy Elite keyboards come with Cherry MX Switches, but a customer may select which switches to choose. There are models with blue, red and brown switches available. Be careful and watch which one you are buying. You will not be able to replace the product in most cases just because of selecting wrong switches type.

I am not going to tell you about advantages and disadvantages of different Cherry MX switches types. There is a lot of information in the internet. Just know that you can buy this keyboard with red, brown or blue switches. Everything is at your choice.

The sound of the keys is rather loud but that’s mechanical keyboard! All of the mechanical keyboards have loud sound. If you are livestreaming, your viewers will most likely hear how you press keys. But in my opinion, that’s cool.

The performance test shows that the keyboard works great and doesn’t miss any interactions. If you press 10 keys simultaneously, nothing will be missed.

All the keys are full-height, and I personally like it. They are rather large and will definitely fit a person with average and large hands.

WASD Titanium-colored Keys

The feature most of the gamers will absolutely like is special set of 1 – 4 and WASD Titanium colored and textured keys. Yes guys, the keys are replicable and you can place these special keys for better tactile response.

There is a special tool which allows replacing any key of the keyboard without using of extra things. This tool is included in the package.

Colors customization

The RGB model provides a large variety of color customization options. The software for customization is straightforward and is very easy to use. You can apply different colors to different keys or keyboard zones.

You can save your color animation profile directly into the keyboard. The device allows to store up to 3 different profiles. What’s that needed for? Imagine you wish to visit your friend or gaming club. Your keyboard color preferences will be with you without installing special software. Just a comfortable feature you may like.

The Conclusion

The keyboard offers 3 different types of switches: red, blue or brown. Any gamer can pick the keyboard he likes more. The device is responsive, the RGB lightning looks great. Everything is made of high quality materials and have premium look. In general, I highly recommend this keyboard.

If you are looking for an alternative to a Razer Keyboards, this is probably what you may really like. It’s made for professional gamers and I am sure you will not be satisfied. Anyway, if you still doubt, go to a nearest store and try the device there. A review in internet can’t replace your personal experience.