Bose SoundLink Revolve Review

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This is a review of Bose SoundLink Revolve: one of the best portable 360 degrees speakers right now.

This thing is perfect for traveling because of the small size. It’s compact and you can take it with you easily. It is shorter than JBL Flip 4 but the diameter is nearly the same. It looks like Google Home but with an aluminum body. The body may show scratches but it’s solid and difficult to damage.

Bose SoundLink Revolve

The overall look is pleasant and the build quality is great. It’s worth the money and it really looks and feels like 200 dollar device.

The cool thing is that it has rubber bumpers which may protect this thing from cracks if it falls.

How does it sound?

Of course, the main characteristic of any speaker is how it sounds. I am absolutely satisfied with the sound. If you like to listen to music with bass you will definitely find that it performs well. The speaker offers much more punch than competitors and the bass is surprisingly deep. The sound is clean in general. Vocal lovers will also find the sound enjoyable.

It's a 360 degrees model so it doesn't matter where you are located. You may stay in front of it or behind it: the sound will be the same. 

Taking into account that this thing is made for listening outdoors, it sounds very good. I like the sound very much.

Bose Revolve Outdoor


Bluetooth. Bose SoundLink Revolve has Bluetooth 4.2. You can connect up to 2 different devices. The connection sets up pretty fast. There is one downside: the signal stability is average. The maximum range is about 40 feet but if there is a large object on the way of the signal it may lose the connection.  

Waterproofing. It has IPX4 waterproof rating and you can take it to the shower with you. But don’t throw it into the water. It will not survive just because it’s not designed to work under the water. But it will be able to stay alive after a gentile rain or occasional water splash. I saw a video review where a guy sprayed it with water from the hose and it worked.

It would be better if the manufacturer makes the full waterproofing. Just in case you use it near the pool or on a boat. You may accidently hit it so it will sink and die forever. Unfortunately it’s only IPX4 so you should use it near the water carefully.

Drop Resistance. The speaker has a good drop resistance. If you accidently drop it on the ground or on the floor it will continue working. It shouldn’t take any damage.

Controls. The controls are located on the top. The buttons are pretty standard: Power, Input Selection, Volume +, Multi-Function, Volume -, Bluetooth.

Multi-Function button allows to skip songs and go back. It also allows to answer phone calls and access Siri or Google Assistant. The good thing about this model is that it has a very good Bluetooth connection and the audio quality doesn’t get worse when you move from the speaker.

Holding both Volume + and – buttons will turn on or off voice prompts.

When you switch this speaker on it will indicate the battery level and you will also hear a voice telling how much power is remaining.

Pairing: you can use 2 speakers to play one song simultaneously. They may just play the same song or they may work as right and left audio channels.

Battery life: up to 12 hours per charge. My personal the tests show that it can live about 10 hours at 50% volume level. But I have seen other tests showing that it stays alive for 14 hours with 60% volume. The battery lifetime is good.

It can be charged with a Micro USB cable or with Cradle. The cradle doesn’t always come with the item. For example on Amazon you have two options: to buy a speaker with Charging Cradle or without it. If you buy without it you will pay about $30 less. But we definitely recommend going with a cradle.

Pay Attention: sometimes you can buy a bundle at the price of the single speaker. Visit the Amazon and check the prices there. Switch between Grey and Black colors and see the offers. Maybe you are lucky to catch the deal.

The Difference From Revolve +

Many of the people who wish to buy this speaker ask about the differences between Bose SoundLink Revolve and Revolve + models. The first difference is the size. The Revolve Plus model is larger, it has a larger speaker and it sounds louder.  It has a handle so you can carry it easier. The larger model also has more battery life: 16 hours vs 12 hours. The other things are almost identical.


Q: How Bose SoundLink Revolve sounds compared to the Soundlink Mini?

A: The Soundlink Mini doesn’t sound as loud as the Revolve. But in general the sound quality is the same.

Q: Can you stream Pandora or other music service using the speaker?

A: You can listen to any music service. If you listen to Pandora on your device and connect it to this speaker it will work.

Q: Which one is better: Revolve or Revolve + ?

A: That’s a tough question to answer. Both models are great but the Plus model is larger and sounds louder. Everything depends on how you want to use the speaker. If you want to make a good loud sound outdoors, the Plus model may be a better choice.


If you are looking for a very good Bluetooth speaker then this Bose SoundLink Revolve will be a very good choice. It has a good sound and build quality. You will definitely love how it sounds.

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